Monero on Ledger Nano S

Ledger Wallet logoIf you have a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet, did you know Monero support for Ledger recently arrived in v0.12.3.0 of the GUI wallet? You can protect your Monero from hackers and malware by storing it on your Ledger, at a wallet address that is securely derived from the recovery seed of your Ledger wallet. Next to creating a paper wallet and signing transactions with an offline, air-gapped computer, this is the safest way to protect your Monero private keys. The private spend key is never revealed to the computer which you are running the Monero client on – it is stored exclusively on the secure element of your Nano Ledger S. Only the view key is shared with your PC to scan the blockchain for incoming transactions.

Step-by-Step Guide

Using Monero with Ledger Nano S, on Windows, MacOS or Linux

Always backup your recovery seed before attempting to make changes to your Ledger device.

Nano Ledger S with Monero GUI

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